Mega Man's Newest Upgrade

The Double Gear System consists of the Speed Gear and the Power Gear.
You start the game with both!
Use them often, but be careful not to overheat!



Activate the Speed Gear and you'll move so fast that everything else seems slow! Turn it on whenever you need time to weave around enemies and obstacles!



Switch on the Power Gear for an extra boost of firepower!
Works for special weapons, too! Watch the video and see the difference for Block Man's special weapon. Extra blocks mean extra damage!

Mega Man's Ace in the Hole



Activate both gears for a huge speed and power boost! Double Gear also unlocks the Final Charge Shot, Mega Man's ultimate attack! Double Gear can only be activated when health is low, and unlike single gears, it can't be turned off. Once it runs its course, you'll overheat and won't be able to use either gear for a short time. Your Mega Buster will also be slightly powered down.

Double Gear might just save you in a pinch!


Prove your skills
on challenging special stages!

Complete each stage as fast as you can! Based on the classic Time Attack mode,
each Challenge provides new ways to put yourself to the test! After each Challenge
you can check your ranking on the online leaderboard, upload replays, and more!
See just a few of Mega Man 11's Time Attack Challenges below.

More New Features



New Items in Dr. Light's Lab

New Items in Dr. Light's Lab

Collect Bolts from levels and enemies, then use them in Dr. Light's Lab to create new items and upgrades! Each part you add gives Mega Man different abilities. Add and remove them to adapt to any situation!

Difficulty Settings

Mega Man 11 features multiple difficulty settings for players of all levels. Want those ultra-tough challenges you've come to expect in a Mega Man?
Try Superhero mode. Don't want instant death from hazards and pitfalls?
Then play on Newcomer instead!